Cross the boundaries

Find the right talent around the globe

We strengthen your business position by sourcing remote workers from foreign nations with right talent on a contractual basis to meet your needs. 

Remove the Local Geography Barrier

We source the perfect Remote Candidate needed to help your Business Grow

Grow your business with us by sourcing foreign candidates on a contractual basis that offer specific skill sets with an assigned budget.

We Solve Real Recruiting and Talent Problems

what we do for you?

partner with staffing agencies across the globe

Advertise on foreign job boards and portals

Perform Background Verification and Initial Phone Screen

Take on the Employment Risk and Liability

Invest our time and Money up front

Facilitate Secured Environment for work

With you on every single step to help you find the perfect sourcing option

Recruiting with us


We cut off the cost of searching, recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding plus we help you save on employee’s cost by sourcing qualified leads at a reduced rate. 

With us, you can save additional cost on benefits, payroll expense, workers comp and liability risks. 

By expanding your search globally with remote option, you now have increased access to candidates with desired qualifications

With $0 upfront cost, you get access to our services plus 15 days free write off if candidate shortfall upon hiring. 

You will continue to have full control over the work same as your employee. 

Accordion Content

Posting, searching and screening candidates takes time and with posts limited to a set location makes recruiting more challenging resulting in a very few applications. 

Plus, there is no guarantee that employee will be loyal or stay for a set duration after so much investment. 

What is your average position fill time or turnover rate?

No doubt, US labor market is expensive to hire and retain well qualified personnel. With added cost of payroll, taxes, benefits, risks, and insurance; it is hard for small business to keep running profitably. 

Are you having hard time to find savings or cut down costs without affecting anything?

Productivity drives growth, and productivity is driven by people. When your organization does not have enough and right people, it limits growth which is one of main factor driving organizational success.

Has your company grown in past 6 months?

Many organizations have right people but do not have time to support add-on projects.

Have you thought of hiring on contractual basis with a limited scope?


Points to hit on this page:

  1. Benefits of contractual staffing/ outsourcing
    1. Cost Savings
    2. More pool of candidates with desired qualifications
    3. Try before you buy
    4. Full Control
    5. Time Savings
  2. HR Challenges
    1. Hiring new Employees
    2. Finding the candidate with the required qualification
    3. Paying Benefits and increased liability
    4. Expense 
    5. Driving business growth 
  3. Process
    1. Sign our service proposal
    2. Send us the job details with description, max budget,  and contract length (minimum 3 months)
    3. In the next 90 days- we market and screen qualified candidates
    4. Forwards prescreen candidates to employers’ HR team for the final interview
    5. Upon approval, we hire and onboard the candidate to be assigned to your company
    6. The candidate works with the manager as per their needs

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