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Who We Are

Founded in 2021, Armstrong Healthcare Solutions (ASHS) revolutionalizes healthcare organizations by delivering smart solutions. 

ASHS’s business model stands on the reason that healthcare organizations require a true partner who can reduce their administrative complexities so the organizations can focus more on delivering excellent patient treatment. ASHS concentrates on providing instant, adaptable, accurate, and affordable healthcare solutions, outperforming our client assumptions. 

What We Do

"Establishing a dynamic and creative work is fundamental for the Armstrong Healthcare Solutions plan of action."

ASHS acts as an expansion to our clients to help them meet and exceed their administration objectives that drive patient care. 

Our best price guarantee means that you have the access to our variety of healthcare solutions that we offer, with the true serenity that you will not find a lower price anywhere. This is the reason why Armstrong Healthcare Solutions is the smartest option among all.

Google is considered the world’s leading search engine, so an endorsement writing of your practice name on it will help searches trust your result.

Healthcare providers spend their days fighting to keep patients from being lured away by competitors, and new entrants, but Armstrong Healthcare Solutions improves healthcare quality and efficiency by helping the patients find the care with ease. To deliver the result to every client, ASHS does not engage with any of their direct competitors within 10 miles radius.

Improving and bettering people’s lives with our healthcare solutions. Armstrong Healthcare Solutions supports core values that are primary to our prosperity and future development. They provide overall direction for healthcare providers and the tools required to face any challenge. Our core values define what we stand for, how we conduct our processes, and how we interact with our clients.

We have healthcare experts that bring you innovations and more predictable solutions to ease your healthcare practice and employ a unique blend of technologies to cope with trending marketing strategies.

Your success drives our success

Why Choose Us

ASHS acts as an expansion of our client healthcare practice to help them meet and exceed their administration operational objectives and collaborate effectively to explore the challenges of the present industry trends.

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The Faces Behind our Success

Our team of healthcare expertise bring a wealth of vast experience and immense knowledge to the community, showcasing a wide range of proficiency across different specialties.


Venky Medirchala

CEO | Founder

Neil Mecwan



Jai Hari

Digital Marketing Manager


SEO Specialist

Asher Babat

Social Media Marketing

Pari Kumari

Content Writer

Design & Development

Ace Marri

Power Apps Developer

Kevin Kuchipudi

BI Developer

Vince Mandal

Graphic Designer

Sebastian Atmakuri

Web Developer

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