How useful are online workflow management tools?

how useful are online workflow management tools

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Workflow management is a crucial area to understand, mainly during this time when everyone has to do remote work. More importantly, you need to know about workflow management tools. The workflows, campaigns, projects, and tasks are controlled with the help of these tools. We must discuss some of the fundamentals of workflow management and workflow management software and culminate some of the tools’ basic features.

What is Workflow Management?

Workflow management is the integration of tasks that creates inside a team or organisation to accomplish a larger goal. The word “Workflow” means the collection of each task required to reach a larger purpose in the process. And “management” means that a person controls or manages the overall process.

The main idea of workflow is to repeat its process that can run several times repeatedly. If you need a better idea of how the workflow works, you can draw a diagram of workflow processes. You can improve the process each time. There are three essential components of workflows:

Input: The data you must put into the system to start the process.

Transformation: The method includes the input data (raw data) to convert it into any product or information.

Output: it is the outcome of finishing the task. This output can also be considered the next step’s initial or “input”.

Essential Components of Workflow Management Software

Here are some of the essential components of workflow management software that you should consider in a single platform.

  • Elaborately explained, recurrent process:  Each workflow management software requires a way to assign a task or project within the process through a sequence of events.
  • Macro-level views to examine progress: Users involved in the process need to read the project’s progress over time to increase workflows in the workflow management software.
  • Integration with other apps: The whole concept of workflow management software is to smooth the flow of the process. It combines with other existing tools to modernise the operations and computerise the task.
  • Analytics and reporting feature—You need to have a reporting aspect in your workflow management software that determines how efficient and successful the processes are to continue recapitulating a process.

The Best Workflow Management Software

Keeping all the requirements in mind, let us discuss some of the best workflow management software systems available.

  1. Hive

Hive is a well-known efficient workflow management tool implied at Google, Starbucks, Comcast and Toyota. It is for those businesses who need to cooperate on regular work processes, completing the process more successfully.

Hive produces workflows between itself and other work-related apps within the program by stimulating and using other active events. This pre-programmed function is a great attempt to smooth your processes and make the repetitive task automatic to bail out a few times.

Here are some of the crucial features of Hive:

  • Project templates: It permits a transparent, well explained, and continuous cyclic process for tasks and projects that passes through Hive.
  • Automation ability: It takes the input such as raw data and forms information quickly and automatically.
  • Flexible project views: It includes portfolio, Gantt, Calendar and more to control significant level advancement of the project.
  • Automation ability: It combines or amalgamates with itself (Hive) and other related apps to automate the process.
  • Robust Analytics: It calculates the real-time advancement on a group and single level.
  • Over 1,000 integration: It combines over 1000 apps like Slack, Zoom and Gmail.
  1. Kissflow

It is an excellent project and workflow management software manufactured to increase productivity. It helps the teams of an organisation to have transparent workflows, assign responsibility, and make everyone stay on the same side in an organisation.

Here are a few features of Kissflow, which is an excellent option for workflow management.

  • Fully modified forms: It helps in automation and streamlining the workflow
  • Access authority: It assigns the role and duties within the organisation
  • Actionable analytics and reports offer a crucial perception of the whole workflow. 
  • Friendly tool: It can integrate with other work-related tools to automate the process, which becomes user-friendly.
  1. ProProf Project

This intelligent workflow management software provides current notification of the project cycle. It can easily control tasks, deadlines, and subtasks on its instinctive reports. You can easily share a file using this tool and discuss it irrespective of time and place. This tool produces invoices, and you can have an opportunity to adjust your bills. You can modify the workflows according to your project requirements. Using this tool is a piece of cake in terms of team cooperation.

A few extra features that help the ProProfs to become an excellent tool:

  • It implements automation in the workflow processes.
  • It controls teams across the departments.
  • It notifies the progress of the ongoing process from time to time.
  • It includes Gantt charts, Kanban board, and more.
  1. Shift

It is a PC app that collects your email accounts, extensions, and apps to smoothly run the workflow process using a single search engine. It amalgamates with all of your unique apps, creates modified workspaces, and possesses an overloading inbox. It is considered an excellent tool to increase productivity as it can alter your organisation towards betterment.

            Shift offers you:

  • To customise your workspace by bringing all of your email accounts and your unique apps or web together
  • It searches over your Mail, Drive accounts and Calendar.
  • It integrates all your tools to create the required workflow.
  1. Fluix

It is a web app without any code. It is built for construction, aviation, remodelling, and energy industries. The solution of this tool is that it can capture automated data and manage the workflow efficiently. First, you need to gather the data using mobile forms and then transfer the data through workflows and distribute the operation between the assigned teams. Such a modern plan aids in managing the field inspection, maintaining equipment, safety control, and other business processes by performing multiple tasks and performers. 

Some characteristics of Fluix are

  • It operates on the Web, iOS, and Android
  • You can fill out the forms on the web and in PDFs. It helps in cooperation between multiple tools.
  • It has the drag-and-drop built-in feature. It offers step by step workflows.
  • It has a granular role-based approach that manages the tasks and files accessible to which submitters.

It integrates with Business Intelligence software to transfer data and give analysis.

  1. Projectsly

Projectsly by 500 apps is a new surfacing project management software. It has modern task management and dominant automation features. The tool is more advantageous to remote teams, helping them cooperate with everyone in the group and collaborate in work. This allows the project manager to allocate tasks to employees and record their jobs without ignoring complex steps. Projectsly helps you plan the project with ease and controls each attribute of a project from start to end.

Features of Projectsly include:

  • It includes Kanban boards to produce and record tasks
  • It involves a Gantt chart so that managers can track the task visually
  • It automates the process of creating workflows
  • It includes a Chrome extension to control projects from Gmail.


You can find the best workflow management software added with more features at a moderate price. Remember that the software should permit automation to control and record the business process while selecting the best one. You can realise how vital a workflow management tool is for business practices from the above content. Please choose a cloud-based tool because it is easy to control the software on the cloud. It helps us to create and modify the apps. It brings all the business practices together and works freely on its own.


Q) What is BPM Framework?

Ans: A workflow Management software goes around by mane names. One such name is BPM (Business Process Management). Its framework is a process-centric framework that delivers definition and transparency to an organisation’s correlated tasks.

Q) What is workflow management methodology?

Ans: it targets to ease the business processes from start to end to enhance productivity and effectiveness. It analyses business processes, manufactures new frameworks, and controls repetitive escalation processes.

Q) How to select the best Workflow Management tool?

Ans: The best workflow management tool should be compatible with the business requirements. It would be best to ask yourself some critical queries while choosing the best one for your business.

  • What do you need workflow management tools?
  • Who would be the assigned individual or team to handle the tool?
  • How would that be compatible with your business process?
  • How long do you need to streamline your process?
  • Finally, how much do you want to invest in it?
Q) What does workflow software do?

Ans: It provides a displaying feature to track the business processes visually. It helps enhance efficiency and business work rate and reduces the cost, enables communication and sharing or transferring of information within the same project, keeps track of deadlines, and recurring tasks, automates the processes on a project level, and monitors and enhances the project performance on a business level.

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