How Google Ratings Impact Patient Conversions

How Google Rating Impact Patient Conversions

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Ratings have become the most important key in every business. Nowadays, any consumer decides their choice or services based on the Google ratings. Be it in the healthcare practice also. Online reviews can measure how valuable your health-providing service can be. It can shine a light on your local search ranking. To make your service distinctive, patients need to know the quality of care. Google My Business profile can help you rank higher on the first page of Google results.

Ratings for healthcare services depend on patient feedback. The feedback can be both positive and negative. Positive feedback can help you maintain your business quality, while negative feedback can badly impact your business. But sometimes, negative ratings can be helpful. It can help you – understand all the mistakes you have made and boost your business rating. Always make sure that you have mixed and honest ratings. Too much of either of it can ruin your business. Practices should keep an eye on all the measurements taken for negative feedback and are responsive to all the questions and doubts. All these factors can be helpful to a patient before accepting your service by reading the online reviews about you and your business.

Importance of Google Reviews for Conversion

Firstly, one needs to know what exactly a Google review is. It is proof of the potentiality of a business towards customers. An initial step is people choose service by giving their thought, searching for the appropriate service, and evaluating the customer reviews.

On the outside world of online reviews, there is an offline method to attract patients, like campaigns and slick copies. But they are less pertinent in front of Google rating. Businesses, big or small, who seek advantage of Google rating get enhanced results. Another thing is that you must be on top of local SEO (Search Engine Optimization). People generally search for local services which are closer to where they stay. For non-branded services, of which people are not that familiar, they usually search for reviews and ratings before going to that service. Depending on the reviews and higher ratings, they take action to choose. Conversion rates for customers who get facilities like a phone number to call directions of the services they choose on Google My Business were 68% higher than non-branded searches whose rating is less than 3 out of 5. Each increasing star on a rating is directly proportional to the conversion rate.

Google Review helps to retain and attract more patients for any healthcare service in the following ways:

Increases Brand Trust

Transparency is a way to increase your branding trust. Detailed information about your brand should be available online to avoid hesitancy among users. Patients research any healthcare service online before going for a definite one with a high rating. Google reviews help people to explore. According to statistics, 72% of customers prefer local services with positive reviews. These give local services tough competition to survive. But these local services need to know how to respond to negative feedback and retain themselves among customers.

Increases Online Exposure and Local SEO

Google reviews decide Google local search. The algorithms for the search results are often complex. According to data, 9% of Google search algorithms depend on Google reviews. Some indicators determine the google reviews like quantity, velocity, and diversity. Combining these three indicators can save a local healthcare service and make it on top of the local search results. These indicators will help individuals find these local healthcare services more easily and quickly.

Other activities like keyword search and blogging help the health care services to appear online, but none compared to Google reviews. Google Business reviews have one supportive feature called (Map Pack) that assists your local healthcare service to appear on the search. The Map Pack shows the name, address, phone number, and the link to the business. Alongside, it also displays the Google reviews of the local healthcare center.

Helps in Feedback Loop

The feedback loop is the most advantageous factor one can use for their healthcare service. You can collect data from patients by surveying to know your position in the market. From the survey, you can know whether your patients have a positive review about your service or whether your company provided good service or not, and what product or service patients are asking you to improve. The survey can help you take further steps in which areas you need to improve.

Converts More Patients

You are the service provider, and patients are all you must think about care. Your practice website should be easy to access and more organized, informative, and cluster free so that customers who are buying products or taking services from you feel attracted to your business.

The Google ratings should be all over your website to make customers comfortable making decisions. The ratings and reviews will help to grow your potential patient trust.

Provides True Reviews

When companies start afresh, they tend to buy reviews online. But that does injustice to practices who earned reviews with their hard work to sustain. Patients are no fools. They can suspect fake and induced reviews and ratings. So, your healthcare practice must stick with tried-and-true methods.

You can request or ask patients to give an honest review of your service. That will help you in return to mend your mistakes and sustain. Hard work and honesty are the key factors to make your business more popular.


Google reviews in healthcare services are critical solely because of the high cost. Significant populations worldwide are not experiencing a hike in their salary or wage to accommodate the increased expenditure on healthcare services. That’s why people are taking prudent steps when it comes to health. Healthcare services should provide good care to patients while maintaining a profit. So, you must consider patients’ feedback regularly to make an impact and attract new patients and retain the old ones. So, consider Google review for more patient conversion. Google business reviews determine three online factors of your business: Brand trust, local SEO, and feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Effective are Google Reviews?

Nearly 91% of customers regularly or occasionally go through online reviews. 84% of customers trust online reviews like a personal recommendation, and about 74% of customers say that positive user reviews help them trust a local business.

Do Reviews Help to Enhance Conversion Rate?

The more reviews a practice has, the better it is. The customers who visit a website page with 1-10 reviews are 52.2% more likely to convert than those who visit pages with no reviews. Henceforth, more number reviews equal more conversions, regardless of product or service.

Why is it Imperative to Respond to Google Reviews?

Responding to reviews indicates that you value your customers and the comment that they leave about your practice. Positive reviews from your customers will improve your practice visibility and expand the probability that a possible patient will visit your location.

Why are Google Ratings Imperative?

One of the most crucial ranking factors for local SEO is the quality and quantity of reviews on Google. When a customer scans the search results for any service in Google, the listing with customer reviews shows greater credibility thus receives more clicks compared to the one with no reviews. 

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