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how to use business intelligence

How to use Business Intelligence

Organizations have questions to answer and goals to maintain the performance level. Raw data is gathered from the business’s performance by the organization, and then the data is analyzed and kept in the data warehouse. This process is called Business Intelligence. BI Systems Consists of Four Parts Company information is stored from the various sources …

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what is business intelligence

What is Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Definition Business Intelligence (BI) is a process and technology that gathers, preserves, and analyzes the data generated from a company’s performance. It is used for process analysis, data mining, descriptive analytics, and performance benchmarking. BI uses all the data to analyze and prepare an easy-to-read and implied report. It can also present the …

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Do Doctors Need SEO?

Do Doctors Need SEO?

The world today is full of competition for all professionals, including doctors. In such a situation SEO for doctors has become more important than ever. Each medical facility has a tough competition against many other local practitioners offering the same services.

Top 5 Ways Healthcare Providers Can Make Use of Microsoft 365

In the healthcare industry, a matter of few moments can save somebody’s life. Improved health framework and health solutions can further improve health outcomes and make a significant difference between a full recovery and a troublesome conversation with family. With such desperate genuine outcomes yet to be determined, you would think the healthcare industry would …

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